Service and


You don't just do something like that every once in a while. Carrying out the correct service and maintenance activities is crucial for the functioning and continuation of our customers' production facilities. That is why Flowcomm Projects & Service (FCPS) was founded. Our brand-independent subsidiary provides customer support through:

Well-trained service technicians

A private workshop

Local stock of spare parts

Employee training

''A workshop with well-trained

service technicians and spare parts

locally in stock''


Brand independent knowledge and experience

The market demands a party with a broad view and with an eye for the long term. Flowcomm Projects & Service therefore works brand-independent. In other words: our service technicians provide service to Flowcomm products supplied, but also to components from other suppliers. With success: this broadening of the field of vision led to a solid growth in the number of service orders and an organization with considerable capacity.

Direct delivery from stock

The right quality marks and certificates

Integration of service and components in new projects

We use the acquired knowledge in various ways. Of course in the performance of our daily maintenance and service work. But it doesn't stop there. Due to the integration of service and components in new projects, we are able to advise customers in the engineering phase. Know in advance where you stand afterwards. Flowcomm Projects & Service makes it possible.



Working on quality

We only work with specialists on every project. With professionals who share our principles. Integrity, commitment and reliability form the solid foundation. We always honor agreements made and take responsibility for the result.

More than 20 years of experience

Free tailor-made advice